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Need a new prescription? Get Scripted.

Convenient and high-quality care starts as low as $19. Most treatments are $39.

You can get a same-day prescription and treatment for:


Receive vaccines to protect you and your family from infectious diseases.

About the Pharmacy

LV Health and Wellness Pharmacy is conveniently located in Shiloh, IL. We not only serve Shiloh, but our services expand to patients in many other cities. At our pharmacy, we strive to serve you with the professional and personal care you deserve.

Our pharmacy’s motto is, “Love Health, Change Communities.” At LV Health and Wellness pharmacy, we provide personalized care, educate you on your medications and work with you and your healthcare providers to optimize your treatment. Our pharmacy focuses on health and offers organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-GMO product selections.

Pharmacy Location

1219 Thouvenot Ln #111, Shiloh, IL 62269

Other pharmacy services that LV Health & Wellness Pharmacy offers:

Requesting a Scripted consultation is really, really easy.

You can book your visit online in a snap.

Or, walk-in to your local Scripted pharmacy any time and scan the QR code on the Scripted poster near the pharmacy counter.

Select a treatment and complete a digital self-assessment including medical history, symptoms, medications.

A pharmacist will have an in person consultation with you in the pharmacy.

If appropriate, the pharmacist will issue you a new prescription and fill or administer treatment in the same visit.

Our healthcare system isn't working.

We believe pharmacies can make a difference.


Average days for new patient doctor appointment


Scripted savings vs. physician visit or urgent care


Of all Americans live within 5 miles of a pharmacy

Got a question?

Scripted is a new service that enables pharmacist to prescribe treatments for common conditions. Scripted was adopted to make healthcare easier, more affordable, and accessible.

Yes. Pharmacists can prescribe for several common ailments when working with a physician. The Scripted platform integrates physician approved protocols to enable pharmacists to act as a provider.

Scripted is free to start! There are no reoccurring fees, or monthly payments.

Consults with your pharmacist start as low as $19. Most services range between $19 – $50.

No, you do not need a prescription. If you are eligible to receive treatment, your pharmacists will issue you a new prescription, just like your doctor would. 

Nope. You can walk-in and receive same-day service, or you can plan ahead by scheduling an appointment.

After using Scripted, your pharmacist will automatically communicate your visit summary to your physician’s office.

Scripted is currently cash only, and insurance is not accepted.

You can use Scripted at participating pharmacies near you. Currently, we are available in only some states, but we aim to operate in more as soon as we can.

Visit the pharmacy locator to find your nearest Scripted pharmacy.

Scripted was made to improve affordability and expand access to care for all. In some instances, if you have underlying conditions or if you have a more serious condition that cannot be treated by the pharmacist, your pharmacist may refer you to a physician.

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