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Convenient and high-quality care starts at only $19. Need a new prescription? You can get a same-day prescription and treatment for:

UTIs (Urinary Tract infection) 
Get a same-day prescription to treat an uncomplicated UTI.

Erectile Dysfunction
Get a same-day prescription to treat your Erectile Dysfunction.

Birth Control
Get a same-day prescription for birth control on your schedule.

Cold Sore
Get prescription strength treatment to get immediate relief for your cold sore.

Anaphylaxis Prevention (Epi-pen)
Get a refill or new RX to be always prepared for emergencies.

Asthma Inhaler Refill
Need an inhaler refill? We’ve got you covered. Get a prescription today. 


Seasonal Allergy Relief Medication
We can help you get prescription strength allergy relief medication. 

Uncomplicated UTIs (Urinary Tract infection)

Erectile Dysfunction

Birth Control

Cold Sore

Anaphylaxis Prevention (Emergency Epi-pen)

Asthma Inhaler Refill


Seasonal Allergy Relief Medication

How it works

To get started, plan ahead by booking a visit online, or simply walk-in to your local Scripted pharmacy at anytime during operating hours. Scan the QR code on the Scripted poster near the pharmacy counter.

Start by selecting a treatment and completing a digital assessment.

Your pharmacist will have an in-person consultation with you.

If appropriate, your pharmacist will issue you a new prescription and fill it in the same visit.

Start by selecting a treatment and completing a digital assessment on your phone.

A pharmacist will have an in-person consultation with you.

If appropriate, the pharmacist will issue you a new prescription and can fill it in the same visit.

Did you know?


Average days for new patient doctor appointment


Scripted savings vs. physician visit or urgent care


Americans that live within 5 miles of a pharmacy


The most frequently asked questions

Scripted is a new service that enables pharmacist to prescribe treatments for common conditions. Scripted was adopted to make healthcare easier, more affordable, and accessible.

Yes. Pharmacists in Washington can prescribe several common ailments when working with a physician. 

Scripted is free to start! There are no reoccurring fees, or monthly payments.

Consults with your pharmacist start as low as $19. Most services range between $19 – $50.

No, you do not need a prescription. If you are eligible to receive treatment, your pharmacists will issue you a new prescription, just like your doctor would. 

Nope. You can walk-in and receive same-day service, or you can plan ahead by scheduling an appointment.

After using Scripted, your pharmacist will automatically communicate your visit summary to your physician’s office.

Scripted is currently cash only, and insurance is not accepted.

You can use Scripted at participating pharmacies near you.

Scripted was made to improve affordability and expand access to care for all. In some instances, if you have underlying conditions or if you have a more serious condition that cannot be treated by the pharmacist, your pharmacist may refer you to a physician.

About the Pharmacy

Ready Meds Pharmacy provdies services for Assisted Living, Adult Family Homes, other healthcare facilities, and independent living. Our Long-term Care Pharmacy provides a safe, effective medication management system for Assisted Living and Adult Family Home communities.

Ready Meds Pharmacy is a leading provider of pharmaceutical care services for residents of long-term care, adult family homes and other chronic care settings. Ready Meds Pharmacy services are focused on improving quality of life while reducing costs. Your Ready Meds Pharmacists can provide direction and oversight on all aspects of the packaging, handling, storage, and administration of medications. We are committed in providing the best professional pharmacy services tailored to the needs of Adult Home Facilities or the independent living.

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1412 SW 43rd St. Ste 120 Renton, WA 98057

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