How does
Scripted work?

Great question. We can answer it better if we know a bit about you.


Skip the trip to the doctor and get a new prescription at the pharmacy you already visit.

Your local pharmacy can do a lot more. Brick-and-mortar pharmacies that use Scripted can prescribe and fill new prescriptions for many common conditions. They can even test for & prescribe treatments conditions like cold, flu, and strep. Yes, really.


Book an appointment online or scan a code at the pharmacy


Complete a digital self-assessment form


Meet with a pharmacist in person. If eligible, they’ll prescribe your medication and fill it in the same visit

Is this a telehealth visit? Does my prescription get shipped to me?

No. That’s what makes Scripted different.

We help brick-and-mortar pharmacies offer new services — you’ll meet a pharmacist in person, face-to-face.

How is this possible? Why can pharmacies with Scripted prescribe but not others?

Most states actually allow pharmacists to prescribe for common conditions under certain regulations & circumstances.

But without a platform like Scripted, complying with these important regulations is really complicated and expensive. That’s why most pharmacies don’t prescribe.

We believe that patients should be able to get the care they need from pharmacies, and that pharmacies deserve help figuring out all the complicated parts. That’s why we built Scripted.


Can I use Scripted at any pharmacy?

Not yet. We’re expanding our network as fast as we can. But we need to work directly with your pharmacist to make sure we’re following all legal and medical guidelines at all times. 

You can use our pharmacy locator to find your nearest pharmacy with Scripted, or reach out to our team to recommend a pharmacy to join Scripted.


Practice at the top of your license with the only all-in-one solution for clinical services.

Scripted is the all-in-one platform for launching revenue-generating clinical services at your brick-and-mortar pharmacy, no matter how big or small.

Medical billing

Get paid like a provider. Accept cash or bill patient's insurance.

Collaborative Practice Agreements

We've got you covered — we provide CPAs to pharmacies.

Appointment Scheduling

Patients can schedule at home or at the counter.

Protocols & workflows

Built-in protocols, workflow & clinical support for 30+ conditions.

Staff training

Learn to prescribe and earn CE credits from Scripted Academy.

Marketing support

We'll help you tell your patients and your community.

(Psst, we actually have a whole page on our site with all the details for pharmacy professionals.)

Scripted is developed by Script Health.

We believe in transforming healthcare for everyone.

At Script Health, our mission is to advance healthcare by solving the hardest problems. We believe that empowering pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who seek to improve the lives of their patients and community members is the best way to create a sustainable and healthy ecosystem locally.

At its core, Script Health is an organization that identifies hard problems, and deploys our values of design thinking, and consumer-obsession, which allows us to learn about these problems deeply. These values allow us to have conviction about our solutions, which we then execute.

To better serve pharmacists, consumers, and other stakeholders, we are building a new kind of organization. We build simple solutions that last, with patient investors that share our mission and vision. We leverage data, consumer insights, and technology to build scaleable solutions to healthcare that touch every zip code in the United States.

Scripted FAQs

Scripted is a new service that enables pharmacists to prescribe treatments and administer services for common conditions. Scripted was created to make healthcare convenient, affordable, and accessible.

No, Scripted is not a pharmacy. Scripted is a marketplace that connects patients who need care for common conditions with pharmacy providers. Scripted partners with pharmacies to expand access to healthcare.

Requesting a Scripted consultation is really, really easy.

You can book your visit online in a snap.

Or, walk-in to your local Scripted pharmacy any time and scan the QR code on the Scripted poster near the pharmacy counter.

Select a treatment and complete a digital self-assessment including medical history, symptoms, medications.

A pharmacist will have an in person consultation with you in the pharmacy.

If appropriate, the pharmacist will issue you a new prescription and fill or administer treatment in the same visit.

Scripted is free to start! There are no reoccurring fees, or monthly payments.

Consults with your pharmacist start as low as $19. Most services range between $19 – $50.

No, if you are issued a new prescription by your pharmacist, the medication will be an additional cost.

Most medications are billable through insurance.

Yes. Pharmacists can prescribe and administer services when following state and clinical guidelines (which may include collaborating with a physician). Prescribing rights and laws vary by state. Have questions? Contact us.

No, you do not need a prescription. If you are eligible to receive treatment or service, your pharmacists will issue you a new prescription, just like your doctor would. 

No. You can walk-in and receive same-day service, or you can plan ahead by scheduling an appointment.

After using Scripted, your pharmacist will automatically communicate your visit summary to your physician’s office.

Scripted is self-pay, and insurance is not accepted.

You can use Scripted at participating pharmacies near you. Use the Pharmacy Locator to find a service in your area.

Scripted was made to improve affordability and expand access to care for all. In some instances, if you have underlying conditions or if you have a more serious condition that cannot be treated by the pharmacist, your pharmacist may refer you to a physician.

Care starts at $19.

Review your symptoms and health history with your local pharmacist to receive on-demand services including same-day testing, a new prescription, and medication to treat common conditions.



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