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The Ultimate Pharmacy CLIA Waiver Guide for 2024

Here's everything pharmacists need to know about CLIA waivers and CLIA testing.

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What is a CLIA waiver?

A CLIA waiver is like a permission slip from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that allows places, like pharmacies or labs, to do certain tests on people for medical reasons. This waiver, represented by a ten-digit number, makes sure that these places follow important regulations and perform tests correctly. There are different types of waivers for different tests, and the government checks them every six months

To get this waiver, you fill out a form, pay $150 (maybe more depending on the size of your business), and make sure to renew it every two years.

Just remember, you need to start the renewal process at least nine months before it expires!


What does “CLIA waived” mean?

When a test is CLIA waived, it means that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has approved these tests to be performed at places like pharmacies. A CLIA waived test has been denoted as simple and safe for a pharmacist to perform.


Who needs a CLIA waiver?
If you’re a pharmacy and you want to begin offering basic testing services, like checking blood sugar or cholesterol, you’ll need a CLIA waiver. It’s your golden ticket to show you can handle these tests without any issues. In addition to serving patients better, testing services can offer pharmacies a new source of revenue.


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