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For Pharmacists

Launch revenue-generating services at your pharmacy, the easy way.

Practice at the top of your license. Scripted is the all-in-one platform for launching revenue-generating clinical services at your brick-and-mortar pharmacy, no matter how big or small.

Scripted is the only all-in-one solution for clinical services.

Pharmacist-favorite features:

Medical billing

Get paid like a provider. Accept cash or bill patient's insurance.

Collaborative Practice Agreements

We've got you covered — we provide CPAs to pharmacies.

Appointment Scheduling

Patients can schedule at home or at the counter.

Protocols & workflows

Built-in protocols, workflow & clinical support for 30+ conditions.

Staff training

Learn to prescribe and earn CE credits from Scripted Academy.

Marketing support

We'll help you tell your patients and your community.

See how much your pharmacy could make

Clinical services help pharmacy businesses make a lot more money.

Use the sliders to get a rough estimate of how much money your pharmacy could bring in with Scripted.

Number of clinical services per month: 40 services/month
10 services/month
200 services/month
Total $ value of the visit: $39 Average (cash)
Below average
Above average
Number of locations: 1
We estimate your pharmacy could make $46,800.00 per year with Scripted

Just an estimate!

Simple clinical service support for busy pharmacies

Tools to help you succeed

Book appointments, document visits, bill for cognitive services, and coordinate with the primary care provider with ease. Scripted makes it easy for you to get started.

Clinically-tested support

You have a clinical team of physicians and pharmacists behind you that provide best-in-class, evidenced-basedprotocols to support your needs.

Regulatory Guidance

We take care of state pharmacy regulations and incorporate guidance from boards of pharmacy to target services that you are able to provide to your patients.

We're building a better pharmacy industry

For pharmacies

Prescriptive authority can transform the pharmacy into a point-of-care.

We believe that every pharmacy should be a place where people can receive care they need, quickly and at a low cost, even without an existing prescription.

For pharmacists

Today, pharmacists are overworked, underpaid, and demanding change.

We believe clinical services can transform the business model of the pharmacy and enable improved conditions for pharmacy workers.

For patients

Insurance status, race, gender, income and similar factors can determine who gets care and who doesn't in today's health system.

As a new point of care, we believe the pharmacy can help correct systemic inequities in our health system.

The future of pharmacies is here.

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