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Manchester Professional Pharmacy offers clinical services like vaccines and point-of-care testing. See availability to book an appointment at Manchester Professional Pharmacy.

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Here’s a list of vaccines and testing services reported to be available at Manchester Professional Pharmacy.

Testing services

At Manchester Professional Pharmacy, your pharmacist may be able to administer tests for one or more conditions, like COVID-19, Flu, or Strep Throat.

General Respiratory Screening

Strep Testing


COVID-19 Testing


Flu Testing

Vaccines and immunizations

Manchester Professional Pharmacy offers appointments for vaccines recommended by the CDC that can help protect you and your family from infection. Costs vary depending on insurance status — if you’re insured, your policy may cover these completely. If not, you can pay cash.

COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines are likely to be available at this pharmacy. Contact pharmacy for details.

Routine vaccines

Routine vaccines (i.e. influenza, RSV) are likely to be available at this pharmacy. Contact pharmacy for details.

Travel + specialty vaccines

Contact pharmacy to learn more about speciality + travel vaccine availability.

About this page

Scripted and Script Health PBC are not affiliated with Manchester Professional Pharmacy. 

This page was generated to provide patients with a summary of services and offerings reported online as available at Manchester Professional Pharmacy; while we do our best to update this page regularly, some information may be out of date.

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