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What is birth control?

Prescription birth control is most commonly used as a method to prevent pregnancy. However, there are other reasons that someone may use birth control, including treatment of gynecological conditions, such as endometriosis. Severe hormonal acne, very heavy and painful periods, and migraines associated with periods may also be reasons that birth control is used. 

Getting access to hormonal birth control via the pharmacy is often one of easiest ways for people to access cheap birth control.

What you should know

Our platform guides pharmacists to look at the answers you provide to our self-assessment questions to decide if you are an eligible candidate.

We use evidence based guidelines and protocols to ask you the right questions that will assess whether it’s safe for your pharmacist to prescribe or if you should be referred to a doctor, nurse, or specialist.

Birth Control FAQ's

Can I be seen through Scripted for birth control?

Most people can get birth control through Scripted.

Take a look at the eligibility summary below to see if you are a candidate or if you should be seen by a doctor:

I'm a nonbinary or transgender person. Can I get a new prescription for birth control at my pharmacy?

While we would love to offer birth control to all patients, medical regulations currently require us to refer trans patients seeking new birth control prescriptions to physicians specializing in trans healthcare. If you’ve already gotten an existing prescription, filling it should be no problem. 

We apologize for the inconvenience — Scripted was built in part by trans and nonbinary staff, so we know difficulties accessing trans-friendly care can be frustrating. As soon as these regulations change, we’ll update our guidelines to welcome trans and nonbinary birth control patients. 


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